Film is back


It was towards the end of last year that i found a old school Canon film camera (“Canonet 28”) at a Flee Market for 10 bucks. Since then i have been playing around with both both colour and black and white film, and have surprisingly turned out some pretty wicked shots.Β  These are some of my faves..

Canonet 28 – 40mm lens f/2.8:


Yellow Bird


I came across this site awhile ago while doing random google searches for project inspiration and recently rediscovered it amongst my bookmarks sites. Its called the Yellow Bird Project. A non-profit based organization started by two young Montreal “Uni-grads” in 2006, who were looking to make a difference.

In their words, (which i find sums up what they do pretty fantastically), “We seek out only the coolest of cool artists, collaborate with them to design awesomely awesome tee-shirts, and give all the prettiest of pretty profits to charities of the artists’ choice”.

Since founded, this project has grew to reach global communities, raising awareness for not only some pretty kick ass bands but also the amazing charities they support.
You must check them out,

take a look at these Tees..




designed by , “Beach House”. (I just ordered this one!)