Playing with Fire

{Playing with Fire}

So.. I miss sitting at Last Bar in Railay and watching these crazy dudes spin fire to awesome music every night. They Blew my MIND! And I’m super stoked at how these photos turned out..

Let’s here it for the Railay Love! ❤














{Beach Travellers Guide, Ben Trompetter- Smiley Lake House, Kaoh Sok}



{Beach TravellersGuide, Carter Buan- Smiley Lake House, Kaoh Sok}



{Beach Travellers Guide, Meghan Trompetter}


“Missing You, SE asia” {Part 3}

“Missing You, SE asia” {Part 3}

Last but very not least..where it all started. Thailand.

This part of the our trip was truely amazing and a great way to kick off a South East Asia adventure.. especially because we did it with Beach Travellers.

Beach Travellers, (an adventure tour company based out of Vancouver) took us to some of the most amazing places in southern Thailand, most of which would be hard to find on your own. They have so many great relationships with families and business owners, that each place we visited really felt like home. Plus we got to befriend 20+ other young, eager and energetic travelers along the way which made each experience even more awesome!!

These guys know what they are check em out @


Trip Highlights:

-Buckets, shopping and dancing on Koh San Rd in  Bangkok

-The night train

– Full Moon Party

– Hadde Yuan Beach + Ocean Rock

– Diving and rock climbing in Koh Phi Phi

– Smiley Lake House (Khao Sok National Park)

– Hangin’ with the elephants in Kanchanaburi

– Meeting some badass tigers @ the tiger temple


Anyways…here are some of my favorite shots from Thailand:

(including a few by my partner-in-crime/ co-traveller, Casey Page)


{Koh San Road- Bangkok}


{Bangkok temples}


{Fruit Shakes everyday..ohhyeahhh}



{Ben on the night train}


{Fullmoon Party- koh phangan, Thailand. June 2011}


{Ocean Rock, Hadde Yuan Beach}


{Koh Phi Phi lookout}



{Koh Phi Phi, Thailand}


{West Beach at sunset- Railay, Thailand}


{A day with the kids <3}


{I think he really liked the stickers…}


{Bridge on the river kwai}




{Elephant Trek-Kanchantaburi, Thailand}



{Smiley Bungalows- Khao Sok, Thailand}


{Waterfall slide- Kanchantaburi, Thailand}



{Tiger Temple- Kanchantaburi, Thailand}

“Missing You, SE Asia” {Part 2}

“Missing You, SE Asia” {Part 2}

Ohhh Laos. Although we only saw two cities in this country, I think Casey and I would both agree that this part of our trip was up there on our fun list. From visiting beautiful temples in Vientiane, to drinking buckets after dark at Q-Bar and BARELY surviving Vang Vieng river tubing..(long story), Laos was an adventure. But besides the things we saw and did here, the people we met along the way were what made our experiences so freakin’ awesome. So thankyou all!

Time to reminisce on the Laos days..



Photo-Op Highlights:

-Phra That Luang temple, Vientiane

-Buying beautiful street art from a young Laos girl in Vientiane

– The scenic view from our guest house’ terrace.. pretty nice to wake up to.

-Visiting the “Blue Lagoon” in Vang Vieng, (a refreshing day with our Parisian friends)

-A good ol’ fashion beer pong afternoon at Mojito Bar on the river

– Conquering the massive slide..


















“missing you, SE asia” {Part1}

“Missing You,  SE Asia” {Part1}

Hello again Blog World! Its been awhile, I know..
However, I just recently returned from a trip to Laos, Vietnam and Thailand where I spent a month and a half living out of a backpack and loving every bit of it.

Its funny, 6 weeks away in South East Asia will make you want to live like a barefoot, thai pants wearing, beach bum hippie for the rest of your life..or at least for a pretty long while. For me I already miss the backpackers mentality of: you do what you want, when you’s glorrrrious.
So now that I’m back in the real world, living the fast paced city life in Vancouver, I figured its time for some sweet sweet reminiscing…
Lets start with Vietnam:

Our Route: North to South, first stop: the capital, Hanoi. then Halong Bay (four hours east on the coast of Vietnam) and down to Hoi An and lastly to Ho Chi MIn (or Saigon) the largest city in Vietnam.

Some Photo-Op highlights..
-2 day boat tour of Halong Bay (castaway Island + kyaking&Caves)
-Riding rickity bikes to the beach everyday in Hoi An and shopping on the coblestone streets.
-Why Not Bar…
-Vietnam War Remnants Museum and Cu Chi tunnels


Seeing laughing buddhas always made me smile!


Halong Bay, floating fishing houses


Halong Bay- Castaway Island at sunset



Halong Bay, seaside homes


Hoi An, browsing one of the lantern shops


Hoi An, wall of custom made shoes


Vietnamese Woman selling fruit and snacks at the beach, I love her wrinkles ❤


Her array of goods, we bought some bananas..


Why Not Bar..smallest bar i’ve ever seen.


Rum and jars?


A little night stroll on the beach with our Canadian roomies


Walking in Saigon to the war museum


Casey at the Cu Chi tunnels


Our hostel’s watch at in Saigon..freakin adorrrableee.