Major Project {Post 1}

{Post 1} Concept Consideration…


Major Project 2. Holy Crap this is scary..last semester of school life. forever.


Well it’s week one and things are already getting started fast. And fair enough, because we only have under 5 months to pull off a lot of things. This major project will be a huge and hopefully impactful piece in my portolio so I am excited to get a solid concept underway. Here are my Initial 3 Ideas:


1. Chocolate Boutique Cafe


This idea gets me stoked first and foremost because of my born love for chocolate. But beyond that I feel like doing something like will showcase a wide range of my skills and allow for awesome and unique deliverables {Packaging, Signage, Menu, Enviromental Design }. Other than producing and selling delicious and indulgent chocolate desserts, the Cafe would feature coffee and “spiked drinks” as well as possibly wine pairings and other fun adult cocktails with a chocolate twist. (think: chocolate martini..) I am inspired by places like Sweet Revenge, Mink, Thierry Patisserie & The Mast Brothers (for their packaging and quality products).


left: Mast Brothers Chocolatiers, right: MINK chocolates


2. Branding a Sports Team


This idea isn’t as flushed out as the first but still has the potential to be a great portfolio project with a wide scope. Totally different from anything I’ve done and a little bit out of my comfort zone branding a sports team could be a solid challenge with a large pay off. The sport I would choose would be a less popular one, maybe even a little weird? Curling, Bowling, Roller Durby races, Ski & Snowboard Team perhaps? Targeting more of an underground, niche audience of fans/viewers/players that don’t get the recognition of major league teams yet still travel nationally and internationally and are still competitive. Deliverables could includes: Jerseys, schedule, website, tour bus, environmental design, swap, concession items etc..




3. “One For One”


This Idea is inspired by the widely known brand, TOMS shoes. I am IN LOVE with this shoe company and even more in love with the “One for One” concept behind the brand. Owner, Blake Mycoskie is encouraging business’ to follow in his footsteps by applying a similar business plan to other concepts and the response has been pretty impressive. Backpack company Ark Collective gives away backpacks to kids who can’t afford them, Warby Parker sells high quality eyewear and gives people in third worlds the miracle of sight and Freshwaters footwear ensures people in Africa have access to fresh water. For my project I would develop a line of school supplies and art supplies that supports kids in developing countries efforts to learn, create and grow in school. Through the sales of these products, kids would be supplied with the materials to receive the best education possible. I am very passionate about the “One for One” business model set by TOMS and feel like my desire to make a different in others lives through business and design would make this a sucessful project. Possible deilverables would include: brand Identity, Advertising, Packaging, Website, Events etc..


top right: FreshWaters shoes, top left: TOMS shoes, lower middle: Warby Parker eyewear


After much consideration of these three top ideas I have chosen to go forth with the branding and marketing communications for a Chocolate Cafe/lounge. I believe this project will best showcase my diverse skill-set both in graphic design and conceptual thinking & space planning and will fit well in my portfolio to align with prospective employers.


Time to get moving.

Mood Boards and visuals to come.






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