Major Project {Post 2}

Major Project  {Post 2}


Part A:

What are the biggest challenges you face with your proposed project?


The biggest challenge I face when it comes to my proposed project idea is the amount of competition I face going into the industry. There are already plenty of established chocolate shops and cafes in and around the city that provide a similar product and service as I am proposing so it will be important for me to find a niche.


On the upside, when it comes to a dessert cafe/lounges I have researched thus far, there are few that serve alcohol and are open later hours, which are two major selling points I plan on emphasizing. I hope to differentiate myself and over come this challenge through product specialization (chocolate only! mmm..) as well as venue versatility and community involvement (events, workshops etc.)


Part B:

List at least 5 issues you will need to research or problems you will need to solve in order to develop this project.


1. Brand Differentiation

How do I make my brand look and feel unique from all the other chocolatiers out there?


2. Product Knowledge: (organic/fair trade)

Where will we source our product? How would we ensure what we are selling isn’t harmful to the environment?


3. Target Audiences

How will we make our store/resturaunt space cater to both a day and evening group of consumers? How do we best transition and be successful at both?


4. Location

Where would be the most ideal location for our retail space?


5. Community Events + Chocolate & Art Culture

What other independent restaurants/cafes hold events, shows, gallery openings, tastings and workshops? Are they successful? Would this idea even work? Is there a strong enough audience/culture?






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