{Spread the love project}

{Spread the love project}


This was a Valentines day craft we did. What better way to celebrate good ol’ vday than with paint, bailey’s & coffees and a classic chick flick, right?


Here’s what we did: Painted rocks with brightly colored hearts and love notes and placed them throughout Steveston for people to find. Such an easy and simple thing to do to make someone’s day a little more lovely..    enjoy ❤










{ This one was gone in 30 minutes ! }


{Vintage Library Posters}

{Vintage Library Posters}


While going about my research and brainstorming for my Major Project this semester (branding a very awesome chocolate cafe/bookstores/library) I came across much needed inspiration in the form of vintage library posters. I Love the colors, the simple graphics and pretty hilarious messaging that was used to encourage people to read.. I am also really loving the old school library cards I stumbled upon and the the idea of incorporating a wall of floor to ceiling bookshelves because who doesn’t think that’s awesome?

Overall, stoked about my finds today..









Source:  http://koralimba.blogspot.com/2011/05/vintage-library-posters.html





{Major Project- Post 3}

{Major Project- Post 3}


Last week, we presented our initial ideas and research in class to hopefully gain some needed feedback moving forward. The biggest thing I received from the class was to narrow my target audience to better focus my concept. When writing the target audience in my creative briefs I tend to forget about the “target” part…..EVERYONE is welcome! Kinda defeats the point..so I hope to re-visit my brief to fix this issue. My thoughts are that my Primary Audience looks a little like this:


> 25-40 females (60%) males (40%)

> young working professionals in creative industries (writers, designers, artists)

> book lovers and chocolate addicts

> mature & sophisticated yet casual & relaxed


Heres A little mood board…


{Other Inspirations}


The Mast Brothers

Located in Brooklyn, New York, these two guys produce amazing chocolate. They have a close relationship with the cocoa farms in The Dominican Republic where they source their chocolate and are committed to quality and ethical practice with everything they do and who they are. I am inspired by their handcrafted, authentic vibes and their packaging is to die for. From the looks of the website, their target audience aligns with mine of young professionals, creative individuals, intellects and of course chocolate lovers. Wandering their website I discovered they also feature live music nights and even host events abroad like “Chocolate Week in Belize”. Their old school inspired chocolate factory mixed with modern packaging and contemporary and ethical attitude makes the Mast Brothers successful in the industry.  www.mastbrothers.com


McNally Jackson Books & Cafe

An independent bookstore and cafe in New York city that aims to be at the centre of Manhattans literary culture. They are successful in gathering young and old for good reads and good coffee because in their words, “what, after all, is reading without coffee?”. The space holds live speaker events, readings and book signings and have established their place in the the big apple. The audience of customers they attract range from university students to middle age parents and older retired folks, and therefore are a good example of a business that is versatile and welcoming. mcnallyjackson.com


The Library Bar (in Toronto and LA)

Just came across these two today, and thought it was pretty awesome. The Library Bar in downtown Los Angeles is well… you guessed it, A library themed bar that with its subtle lighting and traditional leather seating, “creates the look and feel of a well appointed private study”. I was inspired by this concept, because the space seems to lend itself well to both afternoon and late night crowds. I would assume that their target audience is mature, creative individuals and intellects who are looking for a casual place to enjoy a few cocktails and appys with friends. I also read about a Library Bar, located in Royal Park, Toronto. This space sounds similar to the one in LA where the “literary den” theme is reflected in their cocktails, food menu and decor and target audience includes nerdy-cool intellectuals and business professionals alike. Toronto’s Library Bar does look slightly “fancier”, taking you back to a victorian/old english era where upperclass folks meet for martinis and smoke cigars. Either way, these were great finds.