{ The Thrill of the Hunt }

I have no shame – I’m crazy about thrifting. From large Value Village’s to hole in the wall consignment stores to garage sales, I love hunting for gems and finding the beauty and awesomeness in the unwanted. I am also a fashion lover who believes that you don’t have to spend a lot to have great style. Β What’s so good about new stuff anyways, when much of what is new is copying the old stuff?

Today I hunted through Value Village and my goal was to find pants and/or long sleeve tops. What I left with was 4 fall/winter pieces that I love..so much so that I was inspired to create 4 outfits with them, using other thrifted and inexpensive things I already had in my closet.



>> shop with some sort of mission or goal..

>> look for unique patterns & retro colours

>> Be open to things with potential, i.e. that could be cut or modified in some way

>> Don’t be afraid of the men’s section, for oversized sweaters/vintage band T’s

>> Jewellery/bags and belts sections often have the best hidden treasures.

{happy thrifting!}


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