Last week I was feeling pretty domestic and decided to make some granola. I love eating granola but also also thought I would use it as a gift for one of my best friends birthday’s. I felt like it would be a unique (and delicious) thing to give, along with the recipe so that she could make it herself if she liked it.

After searching the web for a bit with a few must-haves in mind… 1. must contain chocolate 2. must be VERY easy 3. must be fast, I came across one in which I modified a little bit to create THIS!

Here’s the breakdown..

I melted peanut butter, nutella and honey in a bowl (eye-balling the measurements) and then poured the mixture over a bowl of rolled oats, nuts and dried cranberries, mixing it all together until fully coated. Then I spread the mixture on to a baking sheet and baked until golden brown. (approximately 30 minutes)

To give it away as a little bday present I bought a mason jar from Micheals, used patterned sticky back wall paper to cover the lid and make a cute recipe car/tag and finished it off with lace and red yarn.

Not too shabby for a newbie baker.. trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.









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