Knitting 101

Hello friends,

Tonight’s post is all about knitting. My good friends Cynthia Macneil and I have decided to host an evening of knitting, drinks & snacks — essentially  a super chill hangout night involving crafts & friends early next month, and we are pumped about it!!

The Rhizome Cafe is a super cool cafe in East Van that is not just your average neighbourhood hangout. Their commitment to serving healthy and organic food, delicious fair trade coffee and providing patrons with a fully licensed bar is just the beginning. They’re service stretches farther than that and can be seen in their efforts to build a stronger and more loving community through holding arts and culture events, workshops and meetings in their space.. for free. We chose the Rhizome Cafe because because we love what they stand and the positive contributions they are making to our city. By being apart of our Knitting night you are supporting an awesome place, a place that we so desperately need in Vancouver, a place we need to keep alive.

That being said…

I figured  that I would give everyone reading (and those who plan on attending our knitting event) a little run a, Knitting 101 if you will, for the total knitting newbies thinking to themselves right now..” I have nothing! Where do I start? What do I need?” etc etc..

So Here we go!



Knitting needles vary in size and style, and it really all depends on what you’re going to be making and what kind of yarn you’ll be using to make it. I just finished knitting a chunky knitted cowl.. For this I used thick (8mm) straight needles. Usually the thicker the wool you are using, the thicker the needles and visa versa.

I have never used the circular needles before but they are handy for “on the go” knitting..easy to travel with. And especially good for knitting tubular things like toques. These ones shown in the above pictures are a nice medium size (6mm), you can knit chunkier wool with them..

Here’s a chart to help in choosing the right yarn and needles..

Check out  >>>> for more beginner knitting tips. I found this site great to check out the different types of stitches and what they look like — under “basic stitch patterns”.



The easiest place to find yarn and needles is probably Micheals

But here are a few other places where you can find what you need:

FOR CHEAP       >>  Dressew Supply  (Gastown)

FOR QUALITY  >> Wool Is Not Enough (Gastown)

>> Urban Yarns (Kitsilano)

>> DeSerres

>> Three Bags Full (Main St)



If you want to get a head start (before you come to knitting night), check out these two YouTube videos that show you a couple different yet easy ways to CAST ON and start your knitting project.

SO I hope all this has helped answer some questions, relieved some stress and worry and made you feel a little bit less intimidated by the whole knitting process! Trust me, once you start, you’ll be hooked.

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Where the Trail Ends

This past Friday I had the opportunity to see the premier screening of the film, “Where the Trail Ends” . Going into it , I had no idea I was going to love it so much! I literally sat in my chair with wide eyes and my jaw dropped from start to finish. I even got to meet one of the talented directors of the film, (Director of Photography) Brad McGregor prior to the screening. Its amazing to see how true passion and many years of hard work are finally starting to pay off for him. Brad and The Red Bull Team are currently on a media tour, doing screenings all over North America.

Check out this awesome trailer! Enjoy.