My name is Stephanie and I live, work and study in Vancouver, BC Canada. I am currently a 4th year graphic design for marketing student at Kwantlen University where i am attempting to navigate my way through this crazy world we call graphic design. My design process  follows no rules, yet always starts with at least 5 pages of relatively messy sketching and doodles… from which come the big ideas and the even bigger dreams. I am inspired by great photography, vintage fashion, eclectically designed spaces and the quirky and unexpected things in life. These are just some of what stimulate my love for designing both in 2D and 3D mediums, digitally and by hand.

For me three words sum up the way I get from point A to B.

Feel: In order to design or think of anything great, you must put a little bit of love into it. Think: embrace the chaos and the change in life and in design, but always seek the order within it. The balance of each will bring forth the most successful result. Do: tackle every project with hard work and an open mind.