{A Gluten-free Christmas Treat}

Last month I decided to hop on the gluten-free train and do a “No gluten November” mostly just to see if I could ACTUALLY complete the task ( because my willpower is brutal when it comes to food.) but also to see if I felt signicicatly better with no gluten in my body…like a little elimination experiment..Maybe I have a slight allergy to it..etc. etc.

The month was a success, and although I will cave and mow down a good ol’ subway sandwich from time to time and the odd cookie..I am adamant to sticking with a MOSTLY gluten free diet.  Its all about moderation right?

SO, now to the point of my post today..I was on the prowl for christmas baking/snack ideas to give as gifts and bring to parties. I came across this one, inspired by the gluten-free chex cereal that I now eat religiously every morning. They are glorious..but what is more glorious you ask? Chex cereal and nutella.

Here’s a quick look at my Christmas Chex Mix adventures…


8 cups of Chex Cereal (gluten-free)

1.5 cups of Nutella

1 stick of butter (I used a little less..)

OPTIONAL: red and green M&M’s // salted mixed nuts



Step 1 >>> Melt butter and nutella together in a bowl

Step 2 >>> Pour over roughly 8 cups of Chex cereal & mix until the cereal is evenly coated

Step 3 >>> Mix in any additional ingredients (buts, M&ms, marshmallows etc..)





Step 4 >>> Once mixed, spread on a cookie sheet and let cool in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (the longer the better)

Step 5 >>> Once cooled, add additional nuts and M&M’s…and serve. VIOLA!




I used a large mason jar from the dollar store, some hemp twine // black ribbon and some wrapping paper from Crate & Barrel (along with a lovely handmade card) to complete the packaging of these Chex treats!





Such an easy and indulgently delicious christmas treat that’ll be a hit at any holiday party..not to mention makes a great gift as well. For more awesome recipes go here.

BOOM. done.



Knitting 101

Hello friends,

Tonight’s post is all about knitting. My good friends Cynthia Macneil and I have decided to host an evening of knitting, drinks & snacks — essentially  a super chill hangout night involving crafts & friends early next month, and we are pumped about it!!

The Rhizome Cafe is a super cool cafe in East Van that is not just your average neighbourhood hangout. Their commitment to serving healthy and organic food, delicious fair trade coffee and providing patrons with a fully licensed bar is just the beginning. They’re service stretches farther than that and can be seen in their efforts to build a stronger and more loving community through holding arts and culture events, workshops and meetings in their space.. for free. We chose the Rhizome Cafe because because we love what they stand and the positive contributions they are making to our city. By being apart of our Knitting night you are supporting an awesome place, a place that we so desperately need in Vancouver, a place we need to keep alive.

That being said…

I figured  that I would give everyone reading (and those who plan on attending our knitting event) a little run down..like a, Knitting 101 if you will, for the total knitting newbies thinking to themselves right now..” I have nothing! Where do I start? What do I need?” etc etc..

So Here we go!



Knitting needles vary in size and style, and it really all depends on what you’re going to be making and what kind of yarn you’ll be using to make it. I just finished knitting a chunky knitted cowl.. For this I used thick (8mm) straight needles. Usually the thicker the wool you are using, the thicker the needles and visa versa.

I have never used the circular needles before but they are handy for “on the go” knitting..easy to travel with. And especially good for knitting tubular things like toques. These ones shown in the above pictures are a nice medium size (6mm), you can knit chunkier wool with them..

Here’s a chart to help in choosing the right yarn and needles..

Check out  >>>> http://www.vogueknitting.com/pattern_help/how-to/learn_to_knit.aspx for more beginner knitting tips. I found this site great to check out the different types of stitches and what they look like — under “basic stitch patterns”.



The easiest place to find yarn and needles is probably Micheals

But here are a few other places where you can find what you need:

FOR CHEAP       >>  Dressew Supply  (Gastown)

FOR QUALITY  >> Wool Is Not Enough (Gastown)

>> Urban Yarns (Kitsilano)

>> DeSerres

>> Three Bags Full (Main St)



If you want to get a head start (before you come to knitting night), check out these two YouTube videos that show you a couple different yet easy ways to CAST ON and start your knitting project.

SO I hope all this has helped answer some questions, relieved some stress and worry and made you feel a little bit less intimidated by the whole knitting process! Trust me, once you start, you’ll be hooked.

{ By For Now}

Where the Trail Ends

This past Friday I had the opportunity to see the premier screening of the film, “Where the Trail Ends” . Going into it , I had no idea I was going to love it so much! I literally sat in my chair with wide eyes and my jaw dropped from start to finish. I even got to meet one of the talented directors of the film, (Director of Photography) Brad McGregor prior to the screening. Its amazing to see how true passion and many years of hard work are finally starting to pay off for him. Brad and The Red Bull Team are currently on a media tour, doing screenings all over North America.

Check out this awesome trailer! Enjoy.


Moments & Words

The other day I came across some photos documenting random moments of the last year and half of my life..all taken with my 35mm film camera. I had forgotten how much I really love film photography and even the blurry & super grainy ones, capture a single moment in all its greatness far better than digital.

Here are my favourite moments & words.




Last week I was feeling pretty domestic and decided to make some granola. I love eating granola but also also thought I would use it as a gift for one of my best friends birthday’s. I felt like it would be a unique (and delicious) thing to give, along with the recipe so that she could make it herself if she liked it.

After searching the web for a bit with a few must-haves in mind… 1. must contain chocolate 2. must be VERY easy 3. must be fast, I came across one in which I modified a little bit to create THIS!

Here’s the breakdown..

I melted peanut butter, nutella and honey in a bowl (eye-balling the measurements) and then poured the mixture over a bowl of rolled oats, nuts and dried cranberries, mixing it all together until fully coated. Then I spread the mixture on to a baking sheet and baked until golden brown. (approximately 30 minutes)

To give it away as a little bday present I bought a mason jar from Micheals, used patterned sticky back wall paper to cover the lid and make a cute recipe car/tag and finished it off with lace and red yarn.

Not too shabby for a newbie baker.. trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.








{ The Thrill of the Hunt }

I have no shame – I’m crazy about thrifting. From large Value Village’s to hole in the wall consignment stores to garage sales, I love hunting for gems and finding the beauty and awesomeness in the unwanted. I am also a fashion lover who believes that you don’t have to spend a lot to have great style.  What’s so good about new stuff anyways, when much of what is new is copying the old stuff?

Today I hunted through Value Village and my goal was to find pants and/or long sleeve tops. What I left with was 4 fall/winter pieces that I love..so much so that I was inspired to create 4 outfits with them, using other thrifted and inexpensive things I already had in my closet.



>> shop with some sort of mission or goal..

>> look for unique patterns & retro colours

>> Be open to things with potential, i.e. that could be cut or modified in some way

>> Don’t be afraid of the men’s section, for oversized sweaters/vintage band T’s

>> Jewellery/bags and belts sections often have the best hidden treasures.

{happy thrifting!}

Faith > Fear

Here’s a little Art Project I did for a good friend of mine’s house warming gift! I wanted to make something that was simple and inspiring and a piece that would brighten the walls of her cute new apartment.

The end result wasn’t what I initially planned, but I almost like it better this way 🙂

I covered a rectangular canvas in wood grain wall paper from the dollar store. Then bought 3D sticker letters from  Michael’s to write out this quote. I painted over the letters to create sea foam/turquoise ombre and then VOILA.

{Originally my plan was to peel the letters off to reveal the wood grain underneath, but the paint had leaked under each letter…. making it look messy. Instead I left them on, and the wood grain can still be seen on the sides of the canvas giving an illusion that the painting was done on a slab of wood.

Easy. Monday. Craft.

Today I Got Mail!

My name is Stephanie, And I am addicted to Instagram.
So obviously when I heard about this new thing called “StickyGram” I was instantly intrigued. Anyone heard of it?

For those who have not, StickyGram takes your instagram photos and makes them in to magnets (the size of your on screen, square instagram post). I thought, hell thats pretty freakin cool. Who doesn’t like magnets? Especially when they are made from photos YOU have taken.

So in the  mail today I got my little envelope and I was stoked! (only took 5 days..and the shipping was FREE). Wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out but I absolutely love them and will probably order more for stocking stuffers and things!

15 bucks and you get 9 one of a kind, custom magnets. Check it out >>> (http://stickygram.com)

Coachella //2012

After experiencing such a weekend like Coachella, it will honestly be hard for me to go to anther concert again and not expect pure amazingness. Sun, friends, live music, booze..need I say more?  Now it would probably take me several, several paragraphs

(essay-like) to describe my weekend to its fullest, which would end in all of you hating me with jealously, So i’ll spare you.

Here are just some highlights and photos that best sum up the greatness of Coachella 2012..

> waking up at 7am because it was too hot to sleep in our tent any longer (high heat of 106) > morning beer pong games with your Alaskan and San Fran Nieghbors > Seeing the Black Keys and Swedish House Mafia back to back on opening night > Swedish House Mafia’s ridicules finale of “save the world” complete with fireworks, confettii and FIRE. > Florence and the Machine. Need I say more…AMAZING. > Neon Indian, one of the first concerts of the weekend. perfect start > finding shade in the beer gardens mid afternoon > Portable showers next to Jen’s car > BODY PAINT PARTY >The ferris wheel ride > The rowdy DJ tent parties (Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Nero, Feed Me, Flux Pavillion) >Waking up on monday morning having never been so excited to finally have a real shower

{flying high, literally..AND with excitement and anticipation for the epic weekend to come.}

{Beyond Amazing set by these guys to cap off a great Friday}

{The girls and I and our killer RayBans}

{Our home for four days}

{Our Buddies from Berkley !! love em}

{The Ferris Wheel at night = the greatest view}