{A Gluten-free Christmas Treat}

Last month I decided to hop on the gluten-free train and do a “No gluten November” mostly just to see if I could ACTUALLY complete the task ( because my willpower is brutal when it comes to food.) but also to see if I felt signicicatly better with no gluten in my body…like a little elimination experiment..Maybe I have a slight allergy to it..etc. etc.

The month was a success, and although I will cave and mow down a good ol’ subway sandwich from time to time and the odd cookie..I am adamant to sticking with a MOSTLY gluten free diet.  Its all about moderation right?

SO, now to the point of my post today..I was on the prowl for christmas baking/snack ideas to give as gifts and bring to parties. I came across this one, inspired by the gluten-free chex cereal that I now eat religiously every morning. They are glorious..but what is more glorious you ask? Chex cereal and nutella.

Here’s a quick look at my Christmas Chex Mix adventures…


8 cups of Chex Cereal (gluten-free)

1.5 cups of Nutella

1 stick of butter (I used a little less..)

OPTIONAL: red and green M&M’s // salted mixed nuts



Step 1 >>> Melt butter and nutella together in a bowl

Step 2 >>> Pour over roughly 8 cups of Chex cereal & mix until the cereal is evenly coated

Step 3 >>> Mix in any additional ingredients (buts, M&ms, marshmallows etc..)





Step 4 >>> Once mixed, spread on a cookie sheet and let cool in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (the longer the better)

Step 5 >>> Once cooled, add additional nuts and M&M’s…and serve. VIOLA!




I used a large mason jar from the dollar store, some hemp twine // black ribbon and some wrapping paper from Crate & Barrel (along with a lovely handmade card) to complete the packaging of these Chex treats!





Such an easy and indulgently delicious christmas treat that’ll be a hit at any holiday party..not to mention makes a great gift as well. For more awesome recipes go here.

BOOM. done.