Last week I was feeling pretty domestic and decided to make some granola. I love eating granola but also also thought I would use it as a gift for one of my best friends birthday’s. I felt like it would be a unique (and delicious) thing to give, along with the recipe so that she could make it herself if she liked it.

After searching the web for a bit with a few must-haves in mind… 1. must contain chocolate 2. must be VERY easy 3. must be fast, I came across one in which I modified a little bit to create THIS!

Here’s the breakdown..

I melted peanut butter, nutella and honey in a bowl (eye-balling the measurements) and then poured the mixture over a bowl of rolled oats, nuts and dried cranberries, mixing it all together until fully coated. Then I spread the mixture on to a baking sheet and baked until golden brown. (approximately 30 minutes)

To give it away as a little bday present I bought a mason jar from Micheals, used patterned sticky back wall paper to cover the lid and make a cute recipe car/tag and finished it off with lace and red yarn.

Not too shabby for a newbie baker.. trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.









{ The Thrill of the Hunt }

I have no shame – I’m crazy about thrifting. From large Value Village’s to hole in the wall consignment stores to garage sales, I love hunting for gems and finding the beauty and awesomeness in the unwanted. I am also a fashion lover who believes that you don’t have to spend a lot to have great style.  What’s so good about new stuff anyways, when much of what is new is copying the old stuff?

Today I hunted through Value Village and my goal was to find pants and/or long sleeve tops. What I left with was 4 fall/winter pieces that I much so that I was inspired to create 4 outfits with them, using other thrifted and inexpensive things I already had in my closet.



>> shop with some sort of mission or goal..

>> look for unique patterns & retro colours

>> Be open to things with potential, i.e. that could be cut or modified in some way

>> Don’t be afraid of the men’s section, for oversized sweaters/vintage band T’s

>> Jewellery/bags and belts sections often have the best hidden treasures.

{happy thrifting!}

Faith > Fear

Here’s a little Art Project I did for a good friend of mine’s house warming gift! I wanted to make something that was simple and inspiring and a piece that would brighten the walls of her cute new apartment.

The end result wasn’t what I initially planned, but I almost like it better this way 🙂

I covered a rectangular canvas in wood grain wall paper from the dollar store. Then bought 3D sticker letters from  Michael’s to write out this quote. I painted over the letters to create sea foam/turquoise ombre and then VOILA.

{Originally my plan was to peel the letters off to reveal the wood grain underneath, but the paint had leaked under each letter…. making it look messy. Instead I left them on, and the wood grain can still be seen on the sides of the canvas giving an illusion that the painting was done on a slab of wood.

Easy. Monday. Craft.

Today I Got Mail!

My name is Stephanie, And I am addicted to Instagram.
So obviously when I heard about this new thing called “StickyGram” I was instantly intrigued. Anyone heard of it?

For those who have not, StickyGram takes your instagram photos and makes them in to magnets (the size of your on screen, square instagram post). I thought, hell thats pretty freakin cool. Who doesn’t like magnets? Especially when they are made from photos YOU have taken.

So in the  mail today I got my little envelope and I was stoked! (only took 5 days..and the shipping was FREE). Wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out but I absolutely love them and will probably order more for stocking stuffers and things!

15 bucks and you get 9 one of a kind, custom magnets. Check it out >>> (