Coachella //2012

After experiencing such a weekend like Coachella, it will honestly be hard for me to go to anther concert again and not expect pure amazingness. Sun, friends, live music, booze..need I say more?  Now it would probably take me several, several paragraphs

(essay-like) to describe my weekend to its fullest, which would end in all of you hating me with jealously, So i’ll spare you.

Here are just some highlights and photos that best sum up the greatness of Coachella 2012..

> waking up at 7am because it was too hot to sleep in our tent any longer (high heat of 106) > morning beer pong games with your Alaskan and San Fran Nieghbors > Seeing the Black Keys and Swedish House Mafia back to back on opening night > Swedish House Mafia’s ridicules finale of “save the world” complete with fireworks, confettii and FIRE. > Florence and the Machine. Need I say more…AMAZING. > Neon Indian, one of the first concerts of the weekend. perfect start > finding shade in the beer gardens mid afternoon > Portable showers next to Jen’s car > BODY PAINT PARTY >The ferris wheel ride > The rowdy DJ tent parties (Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Nero, Feed Me, Flux Pavillion) >Waking up on monday morning having never been so excited to finally have a real shower

{flying high, literally..AND with excitement and anticipation for the epic weekend to come.}

{Beyond Amazing set by these guys to cap off a great Friday}

{The girls and I and our killer RayBans}

{Our home for four days}

{Our Buddies from Berkley !! love em}

{The Ferris Wheel at night = the greatest view}