Today I Got Mail!

My name is Stephanie, And I am addicted to Instagram.
So obviously when I heard about this new thing called “StickyGram” I was instantly intrigued. Anyone heard of it?

For those who have not, StickyGram takes your instagram photos and makes them in to magnets (the size of your on screen, square instagram post). I thought, hell thats pretty freakin cool. Who doesn’t like magnets? Especially when they are made from photos YOU have taken.

So in the  mail today I got my little envelope and I was stoked! (only took 5 days..and the shipping was FREE). Wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out but I absolutely love them and will probably order more for stocking stuffers and things!

15 bucks and you get 9 one of a kind, custom magnets. Check it out >>> (