{A New Year In Doodles}

{A New Year In Doodles}

Happy New Year All!!  2012 is upon us, and I don’t know about you, but so far so good..

I’m not a big New Years person really, I tend to find the big countdown rather overdone and less than exciting, BUT I am one of those nerds who makes New Years goals..or resolutions, Whateverrr. Although they are never really official, usually some skribbled list on a random scrap of paper, or mere thoughts in my brain, I still enjoy the fresh start that January 1st brings and that chance to make changes, add and subtract things in your life and plan for some new excitement.

This year in particular I decided to Doodle my resolutions.

I doodled the things that I would like MORE and LESS in my life for 2012.  It was clarifying, it was liberating. It felt damn good. And I bet a lot of people probably have similar aspirations for more’s and less’ like these in their lives.. so just doodle it.